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Testimonials for After-Care

At Aftercare, it is always our goal to provide the best caregivers possible to our clients. We hire only staff that are experienced, knowledgeable, and compassionate. We understand what a difficult time hiring a caregiver for a loved one can be, and we strive to make the transition into caregiving as easy as possible for you and your family.
"Dear Dita and Jennifer,

Thank you so much for all of your efforts to care for and comfort my Mother and now my Father, Robert. All your work has been done with great care, love, and humor. Your caregivers are extremely conscientious and caring and always treat Dad with respect. When Dad's long term caregiver left us suddenly, giving us 4 days notice, Jennifer and Dita vowed that they would have good people with Dad. They have not let him down and they have kept their word.

When my Mom was alive, Aftercare people treated her with love and respect and always maintained her dignity. I am very grateful to you for that. My mother was bedridden and basically housebound for many years. She never complained about her situation and I know he was thankful for her wonderful caregivers.

Thank you again for your professionalism.
Ellen P."
"Dear Mr. E.,

Almost nine (9) years ago Mrs. B was hospitalized at Cedars. During her long stay, the hospital arranged for private nursing care through After-Care.

Until January 14th of this year, when Mrs. B. was hospitalized at Cedars. During her long stay, the hospital arranged for private nursing care through After-Care.

The "team" provided by After-Care consisting of Ms. Sarita G., Ms. Anna A., and Ms. Estrella C., provided a level of care and affection that greatly contributed to the quality of Mrs. B's and our lives.

Jennifer and Dita were always avilable and worked diligently to provide outstanding administration and concern for the needs of Mrs B.

We highly recommend their services.You may feel free to give me a call anytime on my direct line. Thank you for sending us to After-Care.

Andrew C. - Trustee"
"To Whom It May Concern,

I would like to recommend After-Care Nurses Registry to anyone facing a caregiving need. After our father was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease and then suffered a fall resulting in broken vertebra, we made an appointment with Dita and Jennifer at After-Care and by the end of the meeting a caregiver was on her way to the hospital. From that moment forward the staff and caregivers took exceptional care of our father- as well as his adult kids. The office staff was patient and helpful while we tried out several caregivers until we found the right fit. The two Certified Nurses Assistants and the backups we chose molded right into the family. We also appreciated that After-Care is licensed, bonded and insured as it removed all liability fear with Dad's care. The caregivers were professional with a large dose of humanity. In fact, we felt far more comfortable having them talk with his doctors and monitor his medications since their medical knowledge was so extensive. The doctors and nurses paid a lot more attention to them than they did to his children. Our Dad was always clean and well cared for and the house was always neat. They became an integral part of the family and laughed and cried with us over the course of our father's last two years. And I am very pleased to say that after Dad passed, we have stayed in touch with the caregivers and recommend them to family and friends.

Alexa A."
"Attention: Vivian H.

Our father, Bernhard G, was released from St. John's on December 14. You recommended several in-home care organizations we might contact to help us with Mr. G's care for the first days at home. After talking to several, we chose After Care based on our good impression over the phone and a reasonable price. We dealt with Ms. Dita Nichol in the After Care office. She was helpful, kind and understanding of our particular needs.

The professional sent by After Care, Ms. Judith H, must be an angel in disguise. She was wonderful with father and he felt comforted by her ministrations. We observed that she has excellent knowledge in health care procedures and a kind nature which helps even someone as sick as father feel better.

We wish to go on record with you as being totally happy with the service rendered by After Care and we would unhesitatingly recommend them to others in our situation. If someone cares to calls us for a recommendation, we would be most happy to talk to them.

John and Linda C."
To:Dita Nicole


I have had Long Term Health Care Insurance for 20 years. Fortunately I didn't need to put in a claim until now and I'll be happy if it's another 20 years before the need arises again.

Unfortunately the company didn't send me any reimbursement money for well over a month. I contacted them several times to complain. I asked if only wealthy people could afford to pay so much out of pocket while waiting for reimbursement. A number of people at the company told me that Aftercare had not sent in the full amount of information needed to proceed with the claim. I called Ms. Dita Nicole, at Aftercare, and she was VERY CLEAR that all of the information had been turned in weeks before. Luckily she had the Fax verification that they had received all of the paperwork.

Since then I received a check and very recently an apology letter from the company. I am writing this note to compliment Dita Nicole for her consistent honesty and willingness to help me ‘do battle' with a company that hires her organization for Southern California help. She is a rare professional who is willing to ‘stand up and be counted' I will recommend Aftercare to anyone who needs help. Rest assured if I am involved in another accident, heaven forbid, Ms. Dita Nicole is the first person I will call.

From: Barbara P.
Dear Dita and Jennifer:

Thank you so much for all of your efforts on my behalf this past year. I recall my apprehension about how many caregivers my mother would need before finding an acceptable fit. It didn't take but a few before she found her “dream team” in Dora U. and Judith H.. Although their styles and personalities are very different, they both demonstrated the same qualities of genuine caring, attention to detail, anticipation of needs and humor. These skills helped preserve my mother's dignity and made her feel safe.

I am not certain that my mother fully understood the gift my father had given her by providing enough to allow her to stay in her own home with such special care. While her health did not allow the quality of life she desired, she was surrounded by the home she knew and loved and her friends and family came and went as always. She was never neglected for a moment. It is tough to put a fair price on that.

I so immensely respect the work these caregivers do and although I often question why they would want to do such a difficult job, I am nonetheless eternally grateful that they sign up for the task.

I am enclosing the sincere letters of recommendation I have given to each of them and will do whatever I can to raise awareness of the value of and need for this service within the realm of healthcare and palliative care. Mankind deserves this option. It should not have to be a luxury. Thank you both for the extremely important part you play in fulfilling this most essential societal need.

Barbara K."

"I used After-Care when my mother-in-law had surgery and needed assistance. The reason I used After-Care is that they are certified and licensed by the state, plus had all insurances I wanted, especially workman's comp. The nurses were very professional and well trained. The nurses developed a good relationship with my mother-in-law and my wife and her sister. I was quite happy with their service and can recommend them highly. It made my mother-in-law's surgery and recovery go smoothly. I am thankful for that.”

Spencer G. 5 Stars"
“Thank you After-Care! You took such good care of my husband after his surgery.”

Maxine L. 5 Stars"